Welcome to the Chicago Plast official website.

Plast is a Ukrainian scouting organization whose goal is to develop the physical, mental, and moral strengths of youth of Ukrainian descent residing in the United States, and to train such youth for good citizenship and self-sufficiency using methods and fundamental guidelines of Plast which are based on the Three Fundamental Principles set forth in the Plast Oath and the Plast Code

Plast Chicago Branch


Meet this date with us.

In 2019, we celebrate our anniversary and today, more than ever, we are full of the desire to develop, grow, spread Plast's ideas among the Ukrainian diaspora in Chicago and throughout America.

What are we doing in the PLAST?

It brings up the character, the desire to become the best daily, help others, and do good deeds. In Plast, everyone recognizes himself and finds the meaning of life. Each plastic has always improved and makes this world better.

To learn more
Independence! Here we become independent and responsible.
Team spirit! We learn to work together to achieve common goals.
Provisioning! We bring up leaders of modern history
Mentoring! We pass on our knowledge and skills to the next generations.
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS The UYCO General Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2019, 9:00 PM, in Plast Branch in Chicago, 2128 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago.
Follow our calendar to keep abreast of the events
Annual calendar
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